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Our Family

Our family started FrameWorxz® from my picture framing interest and hobby in 1992 and we work together in our business on our rural family farm in the Thumb of Michigan. Our love of woodworking and photography, combined with our enjoyment of our farm, inspired us to manufacture picture frame moldings, Do-it-yourself frame kits and picture rail molding for hanging your pictures.

Thom Bardwell

As the years passed, more of the family became involved and today, we offer and ship picture framing molding, picture frame kits and equipment to many, who like us, enjoy the art of creating works of art with pictures in their home. From this family interest, our picture framing business continues to grow and expand with our customer requests.

Aaron Bardwell

Karla Bardwell

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Custom Molding Profiles

All we need is a cross section that illustrates the picture frame profile. The majority of the current moldings have been created from samples provided by customers and restorers who wish to match existing patterns.

Where We Get Our Wood

Much of the wood we use in our shop is taken from our own standing timber or purchased logs and is sawn to our specifications. We have a Woodmizer band saw mill and have the advantage to determine our board thickness and width needs prior to sawing allowing the full use of each log we saw. We also purchase local kiln dried hardwood as needed to augment our lumber requirements from local sawyers when available. The majority of our natural wood is Poplar, Red Oak, Ash, Cherry and Walnut. We also create frames in natural Barn Wood and other species including African Sepele which is one of our favorites.

Finishing the Picture Frame

Our picture frames and picture frame moldings are unfinished and are ready for applying a stain, sealer or paint if desired. If requested, we will finish your picture frame for a nominal charge. We also recommend that you polyurethane your stained picture frames with a semi gloss to protect the stain.

What color stain to use

Cherry frames are often left unfinished and are allowed to naturally age to produce a dark rich burgundy color. Our Poplar wood frames are best for painting versus staining as they often do not stain consistently in color, All other natural woods can be stained with the stain of your choice. We can assist you in selecting a stain or paint that matches your decor if you like. Just give us a call for assistance.


We use Fed Ex as our preferred shipper as the result of their service and prompt delivery times. We also use the post office to assure that we are receiving the lowest rates for our customers for their point of delivery. Our emphasis is to provide you with the best service and quality in shipping your order. The maximum length for shipping is 96 inches either in a 4 x 4 x 4 or a 6 x 6 x 6 box. Orders which have molding length of 8 foot, have a small added Fed Ex surcharge due to length.

Mat Board

We continue to review options for adding Mat Board to our list of products to better serve our customers. We have, at this time, not added this product but should you have any questions relating to mat board or need a source, just give us a call and we will provide you with the name and number of our suppliers.

About Us

Our Business

We ship picture frames, picture frame molding and picture frame kits that are made according to your specifications and easy to assemble throughout the United States and Canada and can assist you in your framing projects wherever you live by telephone. Should you have a print, lithograph, original artwork or just have grandma’s lace doily that you’ve been thinking of getting framed, we will guide you in making your photograph or artwork a reality.

Our picture framing products are handmade in our shop and we offer a variety of natural hardwood species and picture frame molding profiles in Red Oak, Walnut, Cherry, Poplar, African Sepele, Ash, and Mahogany among others such as our barn wood line of picture frames. 

Our years of craftsmanship transitioned into artistry as each frame is created from original hard wood and is either assembled or placed in a kit which is ready for some light sanding and finishing with our choice of stain or paint. We also recommend the use of polyurethane on your picture frame for long lasting beauty. We also frame original artwork on canvass such as watercolor, acrylic and pastels using your preferred picture frame profile including the option of a variety of Floater Frame profiles and sizes.

No matter how you look at it, when you custom frame a project for yourself by either cutting and joining your own frames or ordering picture frame kits, you will enjoy substantial savings over any other method of picture framing. 


Our family will assist you in answering any questions that you may have in calculating your picture frame size, selecting picture frame molding, picture frames or picture frame making equipment. We are committed to help you with what you need.

We make picture framing easy for you!