Framing Made Easy

Just about everyone has a stack of pictures in their home or apartment and some extra wall space that needs attention. It not, you will be considered an exception but still don’t qualify for skipping the next few thoughts.

With Brick and Mortar picture frame stores becoming less and less available and the commercial Big Box stores following suite, we have an offer that you can’t refuse. If your in need of a high quality natural wood picture frame you may want to consider our offer.

We provide the opportunity to get a picture frame that you will will enjoy assembling–it’s just that simple. Our online store allows you to order a variety of profiles and types of wood (Michigan wood of course) that has the corners pre-mitered and is easy to assemble with our corner wedge system. Its that easy! You order the size of frame of your choosing from our easy to order page and you will receive a ready to make picture frame by mail at a price that will make you smile. And the results, well with our customers ingenuity, our picture frames are ready to stain or paint once they are assembled. Can’t beat that and you can order all the hardware for hanging at the same time.

Still wondering if this is the right choice for you? If you are price and quality conscious, we think you will be pleased with the result. After all, you just made a professional looking picture frame you will be pleased with. all you need to do is to add a mat and glass that corresponds to you picture and frame dimensions and your picture or artwork is ready to hang.

Can’t be any simpler and if our details are not detail enough, just give our store a call and we will help you with the rest.

Picture Framing made easy for fun and pleasure–once you done one, it will be hard to stop your creativity.

Thanks for your time and as our creator and founder has often said, lets give everyone the opportunity to “frame it themselves”!