Making Your Own Custom Wood Frame

Picture framing today has become an expensive endeavor, especially for those who like to frame their photographs or other artwork for display in their homes, offices or galleries. Finishing your own custom picture frame has never been easier. Our family started making custom picture frame kits 20 years ago, first as a hobby and for friends and now for a major picture frame kit supplier. What is unique about our family company is that we make custom wood picture frame kits exclusively using the best select hardwoods such as Poplar, Ash, Red Oak, Cherry, Walnut as well as other exotic woods such as Brazilian Cherry and African Sepele. The savings are realized in the easy assembly forgoing the brick-and-mortar picture frame shops that may charge 60% plus over the cost of creating your own picture frame. Our custom picture frame kits have the corners pre mitered and slotted for plastic wedges to hold the miters together while the wood glue dries. Then lightly sand and stain with a color of your choice and add a sealer such a polyurethane and you have a beautiful frame at a fraction of the picture frame store price.

Our picture frame kits can’t be easier and allow you to experience the self-satisfaction of creating a picture frame for yourself. If you have a picture, or other artwork and we have your interest, visit our online store and begin the fun of choosing a frame profile and the beginning of framing for yourself.