Why Frame it Yourself

Lets face it, picture framing is often one of “cost shocks” we have at some point in our life. Fortunately, we have alternatives for those who want to save money and yet have a professional picture frame for display. 

Creating your own picture frame is as easy as assembling a puzzle with the picture frame kits that we provide today. No matter the size of your artwork, you can have a natural wood picture frame made to the size of your picture with or without allowances for a custom mat. How is that possible your ask? Just use our easy ordering pages on our FrameWorxz® store which provides a variety of picture frame profile options, Just follow the instructions and enter in your pictures length and width dimensions and the order calculations will provide the rabbet sized to fit your picture, glass and backer board. Can’t be any easier and at a fraction of the cost of the same through picture framing stores. Once ordered, now you just wait and anticipate the arrival of your picture frame kit.


Your picture fame kit has arrived and is ready for some slight  assembly, adding  stain or paint and inserting your picture stack. The common household tools to use are a light hammer, wood glue and maybe a small drill for attaching the hangers if the picture frame is larger.